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Selected publications:


Heo, D.H., Kuś, K., Grzechnik, P., Tan-Wong, S.M., Birot, A., Kecman, T., Nielsen, S., Zenkin, N. and Vasiljeva, L (2021) "Transcription and chromatin-based surveillance mechanism controls suppression of cryptic antisense transcription". Cell Reports, Sep 7; 36(10):109671 (PMID: 34496258; PMCID: PMC8441049)


Kilchert, C., Kecman, T., Priest, E., Hester, S., Aydin, E., Kuś, K., Rossbach, O., Castello, A., Mohammed, S. and Vasiljeva L (2020) "System-wide analyses of the fission yeast poly(A)+ RNA interactome reveal insights into organization and function of RNA-protein complexes". Genome Research, Jul; 30(7):1012-1026 (PMID: 32554781; PMCID: PMC7397868)


Kilchert, C., Hester, S., Castello, A., Mohammed, S. and Vasiljeva, L (2019) "Comparative poly(A)+ RNA interactome capture of RNA surveillance mutants". Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer, Edited by LaCava and Vanacova, eds. (HUMANA), vol. 2062, ch. 13;

ISBN 978-1-4939-9821-0.


Kecman, T., Kus, K., Heo, D. H., Birot, A., Mohamed, S. Geiss-Astggiante, L., Robinson C., and Vasiljeva, L. (2018) "Elongation to termination factors exchange mediated by PP1 phosphatase orchestrates RNA polymerase II transcription termination". Cell Reports, Oct2; 25(1):259-269. (PMID:30282034; PMCID: PMC6180485).


The article was also highlighted in the University press release:


Watts, B.R, Wittmann, S., Kus, K., Wery, K., Gautier, C., Kilchert, K., Morillon, A., and

Vasiljeva, L. (2018) "Histone deacetylation promotes transcription silencing at facultative

heterochromatin". Nucleic Acids Res., 46(11):5426-5440.(PMID: 29618061; PMCID:PMC6009587).


Kecman and Vasiljeva, L. (2018) "Genome-wide approaches in fission yeast". Methods of Enzymology, 612:489-504. (PMID: 30502955).


Wittmann, S., Renner, M., Watts, B. R., Adams, O., Huseyin, M., Baejen, C., El Omari,

K., Kilchert, C., Heo, D. H., Kecman, T., Cramer, P., Grimes, J., and Vasiljeva, L. (2017)

"The conserved protein Seb1 drives transcription termination by binding RNA pol II and

nascent RNA". Nature Communications, 8:14861. (PMID:28367989; PMCID:PMC5382271).


The article was also highlighted in the news:


Kilchert, C., Wittmann, S., and Vasiljeva, L. (2016) "The nuclear RNA exosome complex: Regulation and Functions". Nature Reviews in Molecular Cell Biology, 17, 227-39.(PMID:26726035).


Kilchert, C., Wittmann, S., Passoni, M. Shah, S., Granneman, S., and Vasiljeva, L. (2015) "Regulation of mRNA Levels by Suicidal Introns that Induce Nuclear Decay". Cell Reports,13(11): 2504-2515. (PMID:26670050, PMCID: PMC4695336).


Shah, S., Kilchert, C., Wittmann, S., and Vasiljeva, L. (2014) "lncRNA recruits RNAi and the exosome to dynamically regulate pho1 expression in response to phosphate levels in fission yeast". Genes and Development 28, 231-244. (PMCID:PMC3923966).


Volanakis, A., Passoni, M., Hector, R., Kilchert, C., Granneman, S., and Vasiljeva, L. (2013) "Spliceosome Mediated-Decay (SMD) regulates expression of non-intronic genes in budding yeast". Genes and Development 27, 2025-38 (PMCID:PMC3792478)


Kilchert, C. and Vasiljeva, L. (2013) "mRNA quality control goes transcriptional". Biochemical Society Transactions Journal, 41, 1666-72.


Coy, S., Volanakis, A., Shah, S., and Vasiljeva, L. (2013) "The Sm complex is required for the processing of non-coding RNAs by the exosome". PLoS One 8(6), e65606.
(PMCID: PMC3675052)


Coy, S. and Vasiljeva, L. (2011) “RNA exosome” book chapter. "The exosome and heterochromatin: multilevel regulation of gene silencing". Landes Bioscience/Springer series: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. ISBN:978-1-4419-7840-0.

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